Hilo Artist


Steven W. Pollard, Ph. D.


                                                                                               101 Aupuni St., # 421, Hilo, HI. 96720:                                                                                                                                          808-989-8834

Aloha! My brief bio.

I am a retired clinical psychologist living in Hilo since 1993.  Since first visiting the Big Island in 1985, I have been strongly influenced by the aina, the people and cultures, living and struggling, individually and collectively, with the historical past that made Hawai’i with it’s Aloha so beautiful and inviting.

My art career started in 1964/65 when I studied art history in Paris, France. After completing my BA in Psychology, I was admitted to the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Alabama in Studio Art.

I’m doing more painting now since I’m fully retired.  Most of my work (playing) is made up of acrylics, water colors, and photos that are in my computer and added to and/or reworked as digital images in Photoshop.  The images are then printed onto canvas or photo-glossy paper.  I then paint on top of the canvases with acrylics to create a truly one of a kind original.  I hope that you enjoy my playing (works) as much as I do.  Please visit my web page www.hiloartist.com and/or email me with any questions or comments. Aloha. 



                                                                             Steven W. Pollard, Ph.D.